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All answers begin with cat...

Prepare a number of questions all beginning with the word cat... For example:

Which cat causes a sudden accident? (Catastrophe)

Which cat is a member of the church? (Catholic)

Which girl has the name of a girl ? (Catherine)

Which cat likes to be in the water? (Catfish)

Which cat likes to hang in a group? (Category)

Which cat is in the underground place for the burial of the dead? (Catacomb)

Which cat floats on water? (Catamaran)

Which cat can you order from? (Catalogue)


The participants divide into two teams. The winner is the team with most right answers.

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Arm-in-arm relay

Divide the members into two teams with two by two members in each. The teams sit down in a row behind a starting line. Place two chairs a few metres in front of the teams. Sitting back to back the first couples in each team hook their arms. When the starting signal goes, they get up, go forward and round their chair,  line up behind their team members and the next couple continue in the same way.

The team coming in first wins the game.

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Balloon relay

Divide the members into two teams and make a starting line behind which the teams line up. Place two chairs a few metres in front of the teams. The first one in each team holds the balloon between his legs and hurries forward, rounds the chair, and gets back to the next member in the row, who takes the balloon and continues. If any member drops the balloon or this bursts, he must start all over again.

The team coming in first, wins the game.


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Blowing the cotton ball

This game is suitable for a small group of children:
Place a cotton ball in the centre of a round table. The children are all seated around the table. On 'Go' all the children blow on the cotton ball as hard as possible.
The child who gets the cotton ball on him/her first is out and a new round starts. Last one remaining around the table not having touched the cotton ball has won!

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The guests divide into two teams. Every member of both teams writes one word on a note and folds the note, so the word can"t be seen. Each team fills a bowl with their folded notes and then swaps bowls with the other team.
A team member in the starting team pulls one note out of their bowl, reading the word on it without showing anyone. After having read the word, he/she has to dramatise the word, and have his/her team mates guess what the word is, as fast as possible.
When the word is guessed, it"s up to the next team to do the same thing - pull a note and have the team mates guess the word. Fastest team wins!

To make this party game a bit easier (for example, when kids are playing) you can predefine a category of words, like "animals", "professions", etc.

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Dancing with balloons

Each member gets two balloons, which he/she ties to each of his/her ankles. Divide the members into couples and play some music. Now the couples are going to dance, holding at least one of each other's hand.

The couple who are the last on the dancing floor without cracking their balloons, win the game.

Balloons with strings.

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Eat ghosts!

Tie a marshmallow-"ghost" on each string and tie around the broom sticks. Divide the guests into two teams and draw a startingline which the teams place themselves behind in rows. Hold or hang the broom stick a couple of yards in front of the startingline. Each participate should then walk to the marshmallow-ghost and try to catch it solely with his/her mouth!

The team with the least number of ghosts is the winner.

Play this game at your Halloween party!

marshmallows strings 2 broom sticks

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Ghost bingo

Give every participant one ghost bingo tray and one bowl with 9 sweets/candy in it each.

The game leader calls one number at the time. Every participant places a candy/sweet on the called number. If one participant fills a vertical or horizontal line with candy/sweet, he/she says loud "Ghost" and is then allowed to eat her/his candy/sweet.

Play this game at your Halloween party!

sweets/candy, 9 x number of participants one bowl per participant one ghost bingo tray per participant

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Ghosts in a row

Write a couple of sentences containing exactly nine words; for example "Do not be afraid of the ghosts on Halloween!", "Horrible ghosts tries to scare sleeping children at night!". Cut out every word in the sentences, then there will be nine parts per sentence (don't mix the sentences!) and put one sentence in a bowl.

Give each player a game tray. Pick a sentence and print it on a board for every participant to see. Now the players should print one word from the sentence in any square on their tray, every word just once. The game leader pulls a word note from the bowl with the same sentence as on the board and reads the word. The participants crosses the same word on his/her game tray. The player being the first having three words in a row, vertical, horizontal or diagonal, is the winner.

Play this game at your Halloween party!

1 ghost-in-a-row game tray per participant (found under Templates & decorations) 1 pencil per participant

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Hiding the Key

All children gather in a room. One of the children leaves the room. Meanwhile, the others hide a key somewhere in the room. The person outside now enters the room and asks the crowd if it"s "Bird, Fish or In Between" (i.e. is the key hidden high up somewhere, at waist level or somewhere low?). When the child looking for the key is getting closer to it, everyone screams "It"s getting hotter", and if he/she looks in the wrong direction they scream "It"s getting colder!". These directions will guide the person to find the key.

If the party has a theme, an object that has to do with the theme can be hidden instead of the key.

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