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Games for young children

Blowing the cotton ball

This game is suitable for a small group of children:
Place a cotton ball in the centre of a round table. The children are all seated around the table. On 'Go' all the children blow on the cotton ball as hard as possible.
The child who gets the cotton ball on him/her first is out and a new round starts. Last one remaining around the table not having touched the cotton ball has won!

Cat and Rat

The children stand in a circle, holding hands. Two children are picked out - one to be the Cat, and the other one to be the Rat. The Rat stays inside the circle and the Cat is outside.
Now the Cat has to try to get into the circle to catch the Rat, but the children creating the circle will stop him/her by lowering their hands. When the Cat manages to get inside the circle anyway, the children can help the Rat by lifting the hands to get him out of the circle, and lowering their hands as the Cat tries to get out.

When the Cat has caught the Rat, a new Cat and Rat are chosen.

Draw the pirate's eye

Draw a pirate without his pirate eye on a big sheet of paper and hang it on a wall.
The children stand in line in front of the picture. The first child in line is blindfolded and now has to try to find the right spot on the pirate to draw his pirate's eye.
The child who draws the pirate's eye closest to the spot where it should be wins.

Play this game at your Halloween party!

Hiding the Key

All children gather in a room. One of the children leaves the room. Meanwhile, the others hide a key somewhere in the room. The person outside now enters the room and asks the crowd if it"s "Bird, Fish or In Between" (i.e. is the key hidden high up somewhere, at waist level or somewhere low?). When the child looking for the key is getting closer to it, everyone screams "It"s getting hotter", and if he/she looks in the wrong direction they scream "It"s getting colder!". These directions will guide the person to find the key.

If the party has a theme, an object that has to do with the theme can be hidden instead of the key.

Musical chairs

Place a number of chairs (one less than the total number of game players, i.e. 10 chairs for a group of 11) in a room, back to back. Start to play some music and the participants walk in a cirlcle around the chairs, hands behind their backs. When the music suddenly stops, you have to quickly get a chair to sit down on. If two people sit down on the same chair, one of them has to find another free chair. The person who has no chair when they are all taken is out of the game.
Remove one chair and start the music again. The game continues until there is only two people and one chair left. The person who gets this last remaining seat as the music stops wins the game.

Simon does..

One game player is chosen to be "Simon". The other players stand in line behind "Simon". Now all the players have to do exactly what "Simon" does, for example walk backwards, run sideways, sing a song, crawl under a table etc. When "Simon" has arrived to the spot where he started, next player in line gets to be "Simon".

The Animal Game

All but one sit in a circle on the floor. One lies down in the middle of the circle and says the name of an animal. Then any of them sitting in the circle imitate the animal. The one in the middle shall now try to guess who's imitating.

The bear is sleeping

The children stand in a circle, holding hands. One child is picked out to be the bear lying in the middle of the circle sleeping. Now the the children walk around the bear saying with a low voice:

The bear is sleeping, the bear is sleeping...

As they continue they raise their voices and suddenly the bear wake up and runs around trying to catch someone who then becomes the new bear. The game continues until every child has been the bear.

Walk the plank!

Fill a toddler's pool with water and put plastic crocodiles, or something similar in it. Place a plank over the pool and let the children walk over the plank from one side to the other, one at a time. Anyone who looses their balance and falls in is out of the game.

Fun at a pirate party! 

Yes or No

Prepare the game by writing down a list of "Yes- or No questions".
Divide the children into two rows and place a chair a few meters in front of each row. On one of the chairs there is a note saying "Yes" and on the other there is a note saying "No".
Ask a question from your list. The first person in each team/row runs towards the chairs and sits down on the "Yes" or the "No", depending on what he/she thinks the correct answer to the question is. The person who sits down first on the correct answer gets a point for his/her team. The team with the most points in the end wins!

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