Party games Potatoe Race

The children are divided into two teams. Each team sits down opposites each other on two rows of chairs. Each member holds a tablespoon in their mouths, with the spoon handle towards them. A potatoe is placed on the spoon of the first person in each team.
Now the potatoe has to be sent from one team member to the next until the last person - no hands allowed! If someone drops the potatoe it has to be picked up using no hands.
Fastest team to send it from the first to the last person wins!

This game can also be played without chairs. Place the potatoe on the spoon in the mouth. You then have to walk to a chair, round the chair, and then back to start again without dropping the potatoe. When back to start again - give the potatoe to the next person in line (still using no hands!) who does the same thing.

For small children, they can hold the spoon in the hand instead of in the mouth as they are walking.

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