Party games & activities

Games and activities make the party more fun! This is true not only for a child birthday party but also for adult parties. On this page you will find examples of many fun party games and activities. Decide which games you will play on the party and print them. Sometimes the guests will play fast so choose some extra games just in case.

Start the party with action filled games to get everybody in a party mood; end the party with calmer games.

Games for adults

For the games to fit adults the adult must still be a child at heart! Then you can have incredible fun with games at a party. Many of the games is suitable for both children and adults and makes it easy to play together when both children and adults attend the party. Sometimes the games need to be modified somewhat according to the age.

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Games for older children

Here we have gathered fun games that fit the older children and teenagers. You can find for example "Charades", " Simon does.., "Musical chairs"; games that are guaranteed to rise the party mood.

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Games for young children

Here you'll find fun games suiting small children. Here are descriptions of both the old games like "The bear is sleeping", " Draw the pirate's eye", " The Animal Game" and many more.

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Indoor games

Fun games best played indoors.

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Outdoor games

Tips on various games most suitable to play outdoors.

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Team games

Here are tips on various relay races, charades and ball games, fun for all ages.

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