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A children’s birthday party, when the birthday child feels special and where all the guests enjoy themselves and have fun is the definition of a successful party. Birthdays are excellent opportunities to let your child know how important and special he or she is.

What kind of birthday party to arrange depends on the conditions concerning time, help from family, friends and paid people and of course the budget. It doesn’t have to be a compllicated party with weeks of planning but can be as successful even if it’s simple but yet thought through regarding the most important details. Read our Party Planning page for useful tips.

Let the child be part of the planning and preparations of the party. A surprise party could be appreciated but you could take the chance to do something fun with your child where the child is especially motivated to help. Don’t plan for an advanced birthday party if you don’t have enough people helping you. Look through the pages on BirthdayPartyGuide and find ideas on planning, decoration, games and more. On our page Printable cards you will find a selection of our cards to print for free, like invitation cards, place cards and greeting cards.

Keep the children active by planning different games and other activities. Have some extra games in store. Perhaps you should have face painting at the party – you will find our tips at our Face Painting page.

Remember to take lots of pictures!

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